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  Warner Bros 2018

17 Days

(B-side di "When Doves Cry -1984-)

Purple rain

A case of you

(Joni Mitchell -1971- Inserita da Prince in "One nite Alone -2002-)

Mary Don't you sweep

(Arrangiamento di uno Spiritual della guerra civile 1861-1865)

Strange relationship

International lover


Saturday night I called you

You weren't even home

Needed someone to talk to

Hate it when I'm all alone

I contemplated suicide from 12 o'clock till two

If you're not back by Wednesday

There's no tellin' what I might do

Ooh, might do, baby
No tellin' what I might do, oh, oh, Oh

There's no Tellin' what i might do

Cold Cofee & Cocaine

Cold coffee and cocaine
Hit me now

Baby, uh

This the last time, baby
I eat over at your place
Last time, baby
I eat over at your place, yes
All I get, uh, is this cup of cold coffee and cocaine

Uh, you can't fuck with that
Sexy in here, uh
Kinda cheesy
Cold coffee and cocaine, how!

And your ugly face, look out

Oh lord
Let me see
Let me see now

This the last time, baby
I spend that night, you know what night I'm talking about
Oh, uh, Kinda cheesy, no
Said that's the last night, baby, I spend at your house
Oh lord
Let's see, what rhymes with house?
Yeah, you know what
Oh yes
I'm singing that black mouse
You know which one I'm talking about

 never wanted no woman who had a ready maid, uh
I never wanted a woman, no, that had a ready maid
You know what I'm talking about
What? What?
Oh Lord
What? Why didn't you tell me, baby
You had a little black mouse, uh
Good God
You can't fuck with that
Oh kinda cheesy

What happened, baby?
What happened?
Did, did the Papa, Papa Mouse leave you?
What? Is that my fault, babe?
Is that my fault?
Is it?
Is oh, baby
Oh baby
Oh baby
Kinda cheesy
No, breezy, no, oh shit
Good God


Oh little black mouse, how
I don't want no cold coffee and cocaine
I don't want no, yeah, cold coffee, coffee and cocaine, cheesy
You can't, oh Lord
Cold coffee
And cocaine

Why the Butterflis

Mama, mama

What's this strange, strange

Mama, what's this strange, strange


Why the butterflies?

Mama, mama what's this shaking in me?
Mama, what's this crazy swirling around?

Mama, why the butterflies?

Mama, mama
Open visions in my mind, mama

Mama, what's this
Mama, what's this
Mama, mama, mama
Why the butterflies?
Why the butterflies?

Oh, oh oh, oh oh ooh

Mama, where is father?
Mama, butterflies
Mama, where is father?
Mama, where
Mama, where
Mama, where
Why the butterflies?

Where am I?
What's this strange, strange
Why the butterflies?