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From the lotus



What if another universe
Complete with sun and moon
An entire galaxy and what's worse
U and eye 2 soon
Find each other xpanding beyond this dirty room
Butterscotch mountains
Son shine

Run ur fingers up and down the
Obelisk in the earth
Down 2 33 rmps where
The primordial gives birth
Or else we lie neck high you and eye
In one another's ooze
Volcano magic
Summer time

Everybody knows what happens
When you worship from afar
The ebb and flow of angels
Dancing around the star
And if the sunrise is still a question
The answer's in the dark

Crimson And Clover

Ouh uuuh
Come on
I don't hardly know her
But I think I could love her
I hope she walks over
Cuz I've been waiting to show her
Crimson and Clover
Over and over
Baby, I think I love you
I want to know for sure
Come here and stick it to me one time
You move me
Such a sweet thing
Makes me want to sing
What a beautiful feeling
Crimson and clover
Over and over
Baby I, I think I love you
But I want to know for sure
O come here, stick it to me one time
Ah .. you don't move me (?)
Look up!


If eye never get 2 hold ur hand
If eye never get 2 b ur man

That's ok cuz eye've got other plans
Right now, right now
If eye never get 2 kiss ur lips
If eye never get 2 feel ur hips
Close 2 me

That's ok eye ain't gonna trip

Not now no how

Cuz eye'vv for
Eternity is just one kiss away

So they say

The opera, jill scott or the fair
Cyprus, if eye never get 2 take you swimming there
If you never know how much eye care
Eye swear

It's not fair

If eye never get 2 make you laugh
If we never get 2 take a bubble bath

Eye don't wanna part with you
Not 2night
If you gonna b a part of my past

Eye just want 4ever

Eternity is just one kiss away

So many things
We can do in the new world

Eye can b ur future lover
U can b my future girl
If eye never get 2 c ur smile

Underneath the white veil
Walkin' up the aisle

Eye just might go crazy

Eye might go wild

So stop lookin at me like that
Unless you want me 2 bite that

Eternity is just one kiss away

A million 2morrows
Is better than one day

Colonized Mind

Upload: the evolution principal
U c a rock on the shore and say
"it's always been there"
Download: no responsibility
Do what you want nobody cares
Upload: the master race idea
Genetically disposed 2 rule the world
Download: a future full of isolated
Full of isolated boys and girls

Upload: a 2-party system
The lesser of 2 dangers
Illusion of choice
Download: a veiled form of fascism
Nothing really ever changes
U never had a voice

If you look, ur sure gonna find
Thruout mankind's history
A colonized mind
The one in power makes law
Under which the colonized fall
But without god it's just the blind leading the blind

Upload: a joint venture record deal
It's just another way 4 the man 2 steal
While he's sticking you with the bill
Download: the temporary acquisition of fleeting fame and fortune
Nothing 2 leave in ur will

Upload: a child with no father
Download: no respect 4 authority
Upload: a child with no mother
Download: a hard time showing love

If you look, ur sure gonna find
Thruout mankind's history
A colonized mind
The one in power makes laws
Under which the colonized fall
But without god
It's just the blind leading the blind

Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful

Eye could tell by the color of ur
Nrg field
U thought this game was over
Chemical peel
U tried 2 do me like my good brother steve
But eye got another funky
Trick up my sleeve
Expecting me 2 freak on you a little bit more
But you get nothin but well-wishes
& flowers galore
Eye mean no harm
Eye still got ur back
U can come and drink my wine
As a matter of fact

Just feel better, feel good, feel wonderful

Eye don't know what you thought
When you spit in my face
But this dimension ain't the time
Or the place
Eye don't know who told you u could
Stand next 2 me
Cuz eye got a guitar that could
Part the sea
Don't mean no disrespect
Eye ain't tryin' 2 brag
But that might b the same one that
Tapped on the crag

And brought 4th the water
That quenched ur thirst
And we'll keep feeding ya
But first things first!

Feel better, feel good, feel wonderful

If you think about how much time it took
4 you 2 try 2 get a page in my book
Eye feel so good right now
Eye just can't recall
What the __ eye was thinking when eye
Threw you the ball

It hit 3 bystanders after you touched it
Now they wanna sue me but they love me 2 much
Cuz they know eye wish them heaven and all of its gold
Same 2 u, come on let's groove
2 the purple rock 'n roll

Feel better, feel good, feel wonderful

Better than good, better than good,
U know you should feel wonderful
Keep ur mind in the vertical motion
Always looking up

Love Like Jazz

Hey baby what's ur name?
Do you wanna play a game?
Play it like we don't know when
We'll ever get 2 play again
Xperimental and so brand new
The things eye wanna do with you
Like a physical kind of blue
Come on baby let's get 2 it

Eye want a lover that can improvise
Eye want a lover that can make me cry

Baby eye don't care what you learned in lovemaking school
U and me we 'bout 2 jam
Make love like the first woman and man
Eye don't wanna know ahead of time
The notes you play should b a
Reaction 2 mine
Nothing planned or contrived
Then both of us will arrive
At r destination

Eye wanna feel like eye've been hypnotized
If you think you can then let's go 4 a ride

Love like jazz... love like jazz... love like jazz

77 Beverly Park


Wall Of Berlin

Where am eye?
In a universe of paradoxical design
Reality o merely in the mind
In my head or in some german town
She said "u want a 4 leaf clover
In the round?"
Ain't superstitious
And eye don't believe in luck
But eye heard the thunder
B4 the lightning struck
Couldn't read the writing
Cuz it was so small
But according 2 the document she got on the wall

She gets down like the wall of berlin
Eye come round about a quarter 2 ten
We just met or at least we pretend
It's so fresh knockin' down
The wall of berlin

Where am eye?
A galaxy of monumental delight
Or parallel hologram copyright
The call comes unexpected
Like a mugger in a park
And the sound of the train interrupts the ?

Is that the queen of sheba
Or an alien dream?
The marks on the table say
Somewhere in between
Not one 4 rituals
But one thing eye have found
Everything's better when you come around

She gets down like the wall of berlin
Eye come round about a quarter 2 ten
We just met or at least we pretend
It's so fresh knockin' down
The wall of berlin


Here she come, the most popular girl
In the whole wide world 2day
U don't know if she would but what's good if she'd some & look ur
U're standing over there tryin' 2 b gangsta coppin' ur favorite lean
U give her the head nod
O my god you're the craziest thing
She's ever seen but ur

And she's loving you all night long
In ur little world she's ur best girl
It's all money
Ain't nothing wrong
Ur dancing and she's loving you all night long

Funky dolla bill it's real you'all
Easy come, easy gone

Where you go everybody wanna know
So they can put it in a magazine
Next 2 the ad 4 the latest fad
In black hair care - vaseline
With this car these rims this grill you'll b
The illest on the scene
Whatever whatever all you need is ur music
And you'll b a party machine and you'll b


How many times you look 4 happy
And you never c the rich folx there?
But if the dj really dropped a needle all the tru players just don't
When all the news just gimme the blues and make you wanna pop a pill
What difference does it make who gots the most bank, it's just ink and


Pawns aside who's the king the 2 and 4
Wit hot sauce from the bay 2 baltimore
Take ur woman 4 she hit the front door
And whoop ur whole crew cuz they fat and slow

Dancing loving you all night long
It's all money ain't nothing wrong
Dancing loving you all night long
Easy come easy gone


Eye was born & raised on the same plantation
In the united states of the red, white and blue
Eye never knew that eye was different
Til dr. king was on the balcony
Lying in a bloody pool
Expected so much more from a loving society

A truthful xplanation but you know what?
Eye got another conspiracy

If it was just a dream... call me
Call me a dreamer 2
With more rewards & accolades
Than anyone b4 or after
21st century, oh what a shame
That race still matters
A race 2 what and where we going?
We r in the same boat
But eye'm the only one rowin
Last time eye checked you were sleepin'
...but you can call me a dreamer 2
Peanut butter logic served on a bed of lies
Don't go down 2 easy
When you see ur father cryin'
Have you ever clutched the steering wheel
Of ur car 2 tight?

Prayin' that the police sirens
Pass you by at night?
While the helicopter circles
& the theory's getting deep
Thing they're spraying chemicals over the city
While we sleep?

From now on eye'm staying awake...
So you can call me a dreamer 2
Wake up wake up

Back to the lotus


The Morning After

(Non inserita sul CD ma solo nella versione scaricata sul sito)

It didn't hit me til the morning after
All eye remember was a kiss and then you were gone
And then eye missed ur smile, the sound of ur laughter
And now eye'm sleeping on the side you slept on
At first eye felt the only reason you left me
Was the proposition that eye spoke in ur ear
Eye ain't a doctor but eye know this ain't healthy
Instead of counting sheep, eye'm counting tears

Eye coulda drove you home but you wouldn't let me
Eye didn't care how far, or if it was near
Ain't tryin 2 push you cuz eye know you just met me
Eye'm just wishin that you were here

Eye'm not the kinda man that's sad and lonely
It's just that something tells me ur the one
Even if you love somebody else it's only
Better if eye get the chance the moment you're done

Please don't tell me that you lost my number
Just come back over if you don't wanna call
Eye've got some music that will make you rhumba
We can jam baby all nite long:


MPL sound

There'll Never B (Another Like Me)

It really don't matter who you get with
Cuz it just ain't meant 2 b

It really don't matter
Cuz you never shoulda woulda,
Even coulda been like me

Eye can get you what you want anything
At all girl all you gotta say is please
Ask ur mother ur sister ur brotha
There'll never b another
Never b another like me

Late afternoon slipped outta my bed
Turned up the stereo
About 2 raise the dead

Slipped in the bathroom
Put some olive oil in my hair
Walked in the closet
Tryin' 2 find something 2 wear

Then I check my emale
2 c where the party b
Change the names 2 protect the guilty
And get ready 2 creep
Should eye bring somebody
Or dance alone?
It don't matter 2 me u'all
Cuz 2nite is on


Bout a half past ten and eye'm on my way
Heard you had a fine little puerto rican dj
If she ain't got prince's new song
There is gonna b a scene
Cuz eye can't stand nobody cussin'
At me when I'm clean

Arms all around me
Soon as eye hit the door
Good thing I ate my spinach
U're thicker than b4
Oh what's this boy doing
Y he makin' that face
Don't he know eye have crazy friends with me
Ready 2 tear up this place?


Can't you c this is inevitable
What's the use in wastin' time?
U and me we could be com4table
All that takes is 4 you 2 make up ur mind
So now what's the matter?
U and me, we both dimes
Said we were
All them other pennies should scatter
We ought not waste this time
That's y...


Chocolate Box

So, what's the deal, y you frontin' keep it real
Do you wanna get funky with me?
If you think eye got something that you want,
Suga nothin' here comes 4 free

Eye been around this way
Got lost and found
Lemme c if you remember my name
U can try 2 get it but eye can't let you hit it
Cuz you never gon' b the same

Eye got a box a chocolates
That'll rock the sox of any
Girl that wanna come my way
And eye ain't got no time 2 waste
If she ain't makin' bank and scared of
What a brutha got 2 say

She want the b-o-x-a-chocolate everyday

So what's the deal r you sportin' some wheels
Or r you ridin' in a limousine?
This ain't prom night and eye don't wanna
Fight so you betta get ur dirty clean
Eye hear ur words goin' up and down ur
Skirt ur gonna get a chance 2 prove it
U best believe if you wanna get wit me
It takes a real woman 2 do it

[Chorus (q-tip)]

So what's the deal r you gay or poppin' pills?
Y you still wanna take my hand?
This discotech is 'bout 2 make me a wreck
My feet r singin' louder than the band
Eye c you got the feelin'
Flashin' lights up on the ceiling
Say you gotta get ur weekend now
What difference does it make?
U know you can't make chocolate cake
If ain't nobody ever showed you how

[Chorus x2]
She want the b-o-x-a-chocolate everyday

Dance 4 Me

Eye like it when you dance cuz it gets me hot
Eye like it when you shake everything you got
Eye like it when you dance cuz it's so sexy
Eye like it when you dance 4 me

Eye like it when you think eye'm all alone
Ur the voice eye hear from the telephone
Tellin me all ur deepest fantasies
Eye like it when you dance 4 me...hallelujah

Eye like it when eye hear a knock
On my door
U r standing there in ur christian dior
Dark sunglasses in the pale moonlight
Eye like it when the scene is right
U can take ur wrap and lay it on the chair
If anybody finds it eye don't care
What we do 2gether makes history
Eye like it when you dance 4 me

Ur flamenco eyes r all like jazz
With every other sip of what's in ur glass
The sexier you get
The more ur in2 my stash
Eye like it when you dance for me

(dance... dance 4 me... dance... dance 4 me)

[Chorus x2]

Dance... dance... eye like it when you dance 4 me

U're Gonna C Me

Eye know... I'm not gonna sleep 2nite
Cuz u're not by my side and that ain't right
Eye thought that we bought this bed 4 2
What good is it if eye'm not with you

Gimme a page on my 2-way
Eye'll hit you back with no delay
When you hear all eye've got 2 say
U're gonna c me
Whether in person or the phone
I've got 2 get you all alone
And when eye do, baby, it's on
U're gonna c me
U're gonna c me

There's never a minute that eye find
That you don't ever cross my mind
If you could just hold me tight u'd c
There is nothing harder 4 you than me


U're the reason I took a rope
& lassoed the moon
2 prove that when it comes 2 you
There's nothing that eye won't do
Eye would stare in2 the sun
If you would be mine
It's not so great a leap
Since 2 all others eye am blind

Eye know eye'm not gonna sleep 2nite
Cuz ur not by my side and that ain't right


U're gonna c me


How beautiful r u? there's more than
A thousand replies
Could it b ur lips or ur golden eyes?
When eye think of an answer
That's when eye get so surprised
Another wonder of the world realized
That's y

Eye just don't want you here
Eye just don't want you near me baby

Cuz eye'm scared eye'll cry
And live you like crazy
Flying above all fears
Eye haven't seen any tears, not lately
Eye don't wanna land not even maybe

How desperate am eye?
Eye wonder if you r what keeps me alive
Alone eye can't get as high
Even tho eye've tried

It's different when u're grown
The wine don't taste the same
When u're alone
The size of the bed now seems like
The biggest that eye've ever known


There's so much more 4 you and me 2 explore
Ooh baby baby
When you walk thru that door
Eye am gonna give you what u're waiting 4

Baby lemme break this down

Eye am gonna say this once
Then eye am gonna leave this town
If you can learn 2 open ur eyes under water
Then you and me won't drown
Without each other
Eue promise eye'll c you on the other side
Just believe in me and trust this ride
Eye am so sincere right now
Eye just...

Eye just want you here
Eye just want you near me baby
Eye'm scared eye'll cry
And love you like crazy
Eye'm flying above all fears
Eye haven't seen any tears not lately, no
Eye don't wanna land, not even maybe
Donny hathaway's "song 4 u" ain't the same
Without you


Hey valentina tell ur mama
She should give me a call
When she get tired of runnin'
After you down the hall
B4 you came on2 the scene it was a hollywood mess
Ur mama was a movie queen
She was one of the best

Every boy had the hots 4 her,
Around the world even girls adored her
Mexican bombshell
Come 2 conquer the west

Hey valentina tell ur mama
She should give me a call
When she get tired of runnin'
After you down the hall
And she's all worn out
From those late night feedings
And she ready 4 another
Rock 'n roll meeting
Oh valentina tell ur mama
She should give me a call

Ur uncle sam used 2 hold it down
Every day

Watch the bootyguards
Scarecrow the buzzards away
Like an aeroplane the time flies over
So many guys they couldn't get
Ur sweet little mama 2 stay

Curvier than
A fender stratocaster guitar...
Reality bender... from no greencard
2 superstar

Broken up slang even when
The king of hollywood ain't that tall
Sho as betty's ugly
Ur mama's bigger than 'em all
Hey valentina

Tell ur mama she should call up mia
In advance

If penelope wants 2 cruz
There ain't no way that we ain't gon dance
Tell ur mama should should give me a call
That's all

Better With Time

This might seem strange
Since so much time has passed
And since only one of us
Still looks the same
Ur words not mine, baby
Ur still fine yes you r
Like wine, you get better with time
So young and so naive
That eye never once believed
That the memory of you would go thru
Like wind goes thru the trees

Maybe if you believe baby
That eye would no deceive you
U and eye side by side or somewhere
In between

Eye don't know if this is a bore
But eye just can no longer ignore
This fact so sublime
U get better with time

Anyone who's met you agrees
That no one 4gets you most of all not me
U can claim u're humble and hide
But when it's true my dear
It's not pride

A jury of my peers would find me
Guilty of so many crimes
If eye chose not 2 remind you
That you get better with time

This might seem absurd
2 someone so cultured
And 2 one who would grace any stage

When the hair that frames that face
Dark brown or silvery lace
What is age but a cage? never mind
U'll b blind 2 not know that you get better with time

Ol' Skool Company

Every once in awhile
U need some ol' skool company
Somebody that appreciates a sexy groove
And a old school melody
When god his son and the love of family
Ruled in the community
The songs you sing
Lift you up 2 heaven
A heaven we can believe in

Everybody's talkin' about hard times
Like it just started yesterday
People eye know they've been strugglin'
At least it seems that way
Fat cats on wall street
They got a bailout
While somebody else got 2 wait
700 billion but myold neighborhood
Ain't nothing changed but the date


Ain't nothing ever come from complaining
Xcept a bitter heart, that's true
Follow along and you gon wanna do
Something b4 the next chorus is thru
The songs we sing
They used 2 mean somethin
Now every other one is just mean
Rather than reminisce eye'm telling you this
It's time 4 a brand new scene


Everybody's sinkin' in the quicksand
Created by the keeper of time
Cast aside by using ancient tricks
That changes ur state of mind
They got you catering the whims of the flesh
B4 you get ur paper right
Call me old fashioned
But back in the day
There wasn't no shorties in sight

1st come job then come marriage b4 shorty
Come out with the baby carriage call me
Old fashioned just clap yo hands just clap yo hands
Radio used 2 b local untouched by the man
Songs we used 2 sing used 2 mean something
Now they just bland like the drummer
Where's the real drummer? michael b.
Mint condition, morris day
Jellybean wishin' sheila e and brother john, sometimes me
'til dawn

If the white house is black
We gotta take the radio back
Power 2 the people
Power 2 the people

Put this thing on repeat go back 2 one
And just move ur feet tell ur friends prince and
The mplsound we can't be beat


No More Candy 4 U

9 out of 10 mortals agree 2day; 2 much fame causes spiritual decay

2 all the punx who believe life imitates music
No more candy 4 you we can't hang with you
2 all the punx who wanna b rock stars and do what they do
There's no future 4 you that's the life of a fool
No more candy, no more candy 4 you we're 2 funky and you can't handle r groove

2 all the freax in the magazines who never paid no dues
No more candy 4 you u can't sing it's true
2 all the freax walking in2 walls somebody put a spell on you
No more candy 4 you eye guess the devil got a brand new fool


2 all the haterz on the internet somebody's lookin' at you
No more candy 4 you they got ur number now, fool
2 all the suckerz winning anything and thanking the lord 4 what
They do
No more candy 4 you no more candy 4 you

Eye am 2 funky and you can't handle my groove.